Robyn Mayo

Marine Surveyor

Matthews-Daniel Company
Houston, TX, USA

Why did Robyn choose this career area?

Robyn grew up in Marystown where some members of her family worked in the shipyard. As well, her grandfather built wooden boats, so it was natural that Robyn developed an interest in ship construction and boat building.

Robyn’s best subject was math, and this gave her a good basis for learning about design. She enjoyed sketching and liked marine projects. Despite these interests, she didn’t consider a career in naval architecture until she attended a high school presentation and learned about the Marine Institute program.

What’s Robyn educational background?

Robyn completed a Diploma in Naval Architecture Technology. She says her summer work experience after second year confirmed that she was in the right program. She worked with Fleetway in Halifax, NS, on 3D modeling, using the latest tools. She took ship measurements and loved applying what she had learned in school.

The work was exciting and new, and Robyn found the final year of school flew by. She had lots of graduate employment options, and she signed up for her current job before graduation day.

What’s Robyn’s job all about?

Robyn takes part in surveying ships under construction and conducts marine engineering reviews of construction, transportation, and installation projects. She checks for compliance with rules, regulations, insurance, and contract commitments.

Robyn’s expertise means she can perform stability, structural, and motion response analyses for marine structures and offshore installations. She finds the large marine transportations and the travel to new parts of the world most exciting.

What are Robyn’s working conditions like?

Robyn works 40 hours a week when she is in the office. Hours are flexible, but Robyn prefers 7:30-3:30 pm. Her job requires site visits, so she drives to local yards and flies overseas to do this work.

Since lots of her work requires being on the construction site, there are some very long days. Even though Robyn’s schedule is busy, and it is sometimes hard to take breaks, she has a summer vacation planned in NL.

What benefits are associated with Robyn’s job?

The salary range for this field is impressive. Robyn has opportunities to advance because her employer has 23 offices worldwide; there are lots of places for her to go.

Since joining the company, Robyn has been trained on many engineering tools, thus adding to her technical skills. She has worked with marine professionals with different levels of education and expertise, and she has become comfortable and confident with the expertise she brings to projects.

What’s exciting or cool about Robyn’s career area?

Robyn’s work uses the latest technology, and projects are located around the world.

She has used Safetrans, a motion response tool to transport and wet tow jack-ups and semi-submersibles. This work required attending meetings in the Netherlands.

Another project required Robyn to travel to the Samsung Heavy Industry Shipyard in South Korea. Robyn attended the same project once it had been transported to Ingleside, Texas. The first time there she witnessed the loading of a 7600 MT semisubmersible on a heavy lift vessel; the second trip was for the integration of the topsides. Her next big trip will be to Brazil for the installation of an offshore platform.

What advice would Robyn give to people considering a marine transportation career?

Those who are good with numbers, creative, detail oriented, and adventurous should consider this career. There are always things to learn, so it’s very exciting.

People who want to grow in confidence, competence, and personal skills should consider a marine transportation career. Graduates have many interesting opportunities to travel and to learn.