Josh Prim


Technip Canada
St. John's, NL

Why did Josh choose this career area?

Since several members of Josh’s family had sea-going careers, he decided to follow in their footsteps. Josh enrolled in Nautical Science at Marine Institute; but being on campus opened his eyes to ship design, fabrication, and architecture. Josh focused on NL’s growing offshore sector and switched to a design career.

What’s Josh’s educational background?

Josh enrolled in the Marine Institute’s Naval Architecture Technology program. He knew from the start that opportunities were limitless, so he could work anywhere in the world.

After his second year of Naval Architecture studies, Josh got a summer job with Fleetway in Halifax, NS. He worked in the marine design and engineering office with engineers and structural, system, and electrical designers. The experience was a great career boost.

Josh’s new career in Naval Architecture benefitted from his earlier Nautical Science studies, particularly his work term on an offshore supply vessel. He was able to draw on his time at sea as he designed projects to be used in NL’s offshore industry.

What’s Josh’s job all about?

Upon graduation, Josh took a design job with Fleetway in Halifax. After a year, he accepted work in the St. John’s office of Technip, an international company that manages major offshore design contracts.

Josh is now part of the team assigned to a $3 million project. He works with engineers to design and draft offshore structures and systems. He does some 3D modeling and animating to assist in spatial visualization. He uses state-of-the-art equipment and computer software, often under pressure to meet tight project deadlines.

The work is challenging and rewarding. For someone like Josh who is keen to take on more responsibility, there’s lots of room to get ahead.

What are Josh’s working conditions like?

Technip employs 90 people in its modern St. John’s office. Josh works a 40-hour work week, Monday to Friday. However, he can punch flexible hours and work compressed time to get every second Friday off. The work place is pleasant, and it’s located only a 20-minute drive from Josh’s home.

Josh says his colleagues are excellent and always willing to share their knowledge. Most people are outgoing and enjoy working together, and he’s proud to be part of the skilled Technip team.

What benefits are associated with Josh’s job?

This type of work offers a salary in the $50,000 - 120,000 range. Overtime makes a big difference, of course. Josh gets three weeks of paid vacation a year, but he can increase that amount by banking overtime.

There’s financial support for taking courses, and Josh may enroll in the Bachelor of Technology program.

Technip offers other benefits, and fun is part of the deal. There are regular social events, and employees often get free concert tickets. The company booth at Mile One lets them enjoy a great night out together.

What’s exciting or cool about Josh’s career area?

Projects often require site visits, inspections, surveys, and supervision. Members of Josh’s design team have been to the UK, US, France, Africa, India, and Australia. Upcoming jobs might take some of them to Brazil and Asia. With time, Josh will travel more; but he thinks it’s cool to be able to design projects for various locations, all while working in his hometown of St. John’s.

What advice would Josh give to people considering a marine transportation career?

Josh suggests this career would suit people who like to know how things work and who are mechanically inclined. There’s a concrete result when a project ends, and that suits people who take pride in their work.

This job involves hard work and team assignments. Success requires good people skills and the ability to accept constructive feedback. All personnel are valued and play important roles, especially when the job is a multi-million dollar one.

Josh says most people in his office are outgoing and enjoy working together. He’s proud to be part of the skilled Technip team.